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About SZ LA

Some accidental events are inevitable.

SZ LA clothing was created in Russia by Sasha Zvereva, the Russian pop star who started her singing career at eighteen years old. Sasha produced many hit songs and toured all over the country and abroad for sixteen years. Every young woman in Russia knows her music.

During those years as a pop star, Sasha became a mother of three and cultivated her other creative talent: fashion design.

On her social media sites, Sasha’s fashion sense was steadily gaining attention. There were many comments and questions from her fans, asking “where can we get that dress?” and “where can I find those pants?” Sasha decided it was time to create her own clothing line so she could tell her fans: “All my clothes are SZ!”

Having realized her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Sasha produced several collections that were first released in Moscow and had great success. Word got out – Sasha quickly became bombarded with orders for the SZ line from stores all over Russia!

Sasha had always loved visiting Los Angeles when she would tour in the United States.  This vibrant city on the Pacific Coast soon became her favorite, and L.A. is now where she and her children call home.

In Los Angeles, Sasha began to notice that young women would approach her on the street with the same compliments and questions as before. Her clothing, the SZ collection, was available in Moscow but not Los Angeles – and it soon became clear to Sasha that American women needed to see her designs as well.

At about this time Sasha met Natalia, a fashion designer living in L.A. Natalia’s striking looks, exciting style, and superb taste in clothing were easy to notice.

SZLA was born.


SZ LA clothing is created for modern women who like a convenient, natural look that will still stand out from the crowd. SZ LA fashion includes casual, comfortable clothing with unique prints and a fabulous fit.

We know the specifics of our female figure and understand how to skillfully hide our little imperfections and create a form in which, for example, you will not have to worry about your tummy after a delicious and hearty meal!

SZ LA - for the free, sexy, independent woman!


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